Battling Anti-Sex Crusader Ideas: A Sex-Positive Life is Your Birthright

January 16, 2018


At conception you were obviously formed with sex organs. It's your right to use your body, including your sexual organs, for your benefit and pleasure. Anti-sex Crusaders disagree and may aggressively proselytize that message. Anti-sex crusaders and their converts are sadly convinced sex and the enjoyment of it is bad. They move on their ideas with an agenda to make their puritanical ideas into laws that govern your own God-given nature and healthy drive.  I will tell you how to battle that later. 


To be clear, I am NOT advocating for sex anytime or anywhere because there are kids around to see this stuff.  Excercising our sexual freedom should not interfere with protecting our minors.  Additionally, I am NOT advocating for what some call sex-stealing, or non-consensual sexual interaction. These behaviors can be mild like tricking someone into a relationship, or the more depraved sex-stealers who physically assault people to rape them of their sex. However, I am advocating for freedom of our sexual minds and bodies, as well as acceptance of other's sexual choices without judgement and discrimination.  




The Anti-Sex Crusade in America is large.  Their powerful hostility and disgust for happily sexual people who are not in a traditional mongomous relationships shows in their hateful judgemental words:


sinful, sex addict

amoral, depraved


perverted, pathological 


easy, old-maid







Anti-sex crusaders come with a self-righteous take on life and a self-proclaimed God-given duty to protect, regulate, and flat-out control your cock or pussy. They base their actions on thinking that you are too stupid to know what's good for you. At the core somewhere it is also about MONEY.


Why would anyone want to control someone else's sex? This is a deep question and another blog. The short answer is:  anti-sex crusaders are unresolved about their own God-given sexuality.  Maybe they are a little afraid of sex, and it's power.  They believe having less sex is more virtuous than having more. They guard their sexual value behind lock-n-key, lest someone rob them of it.  What they have not been able to process is the fact that no one can rob you of your sexual value. Nor can anyone place sexual value on you from the outside.  No one can define exactly what sex is best for you.



Take a look at this example of someone who in my opinion, is a classic anti-sex crusader, a preacher to the sinful in America. He states the basic premise of the anti-sex theory with self-imposed authority, 

"We are a culture obsessed with sex,"

The male anti-sex crusader who preaches this thought thoroughly believes sex should only occur in the context of Christian matrimony between one man and one woman...forevermore. He goes on to say:

"God has given us this wonderful expression of our love (SEX) to be made from a man to a woman from a woman to a man within the safety of a marriage relationship any other variation on that is wrong in suddenly it will become sinful" (click on the quote to see the full video sermon)


 I say we are a culture more obsessed with religion...

...but that's another story.


Mr. Preacher looks and sounds like your everyday anti-sex crusader.  He uses biblical scripture in his videoed sermon to condemn modern day prostitution.  What many do not know, biblical writers mostly used the idea of prostitution as a metaphor for unfaithfulness to God (ie, 'prostituting themselves to a foreign god'). Mr. Pastor also fails to tell you about temple prostitutes of the day. In case you have not heard...




"Sex in the Service of Aphrodite?"






Sacred protistution in the temples pre-dates biblical times and continued through the time of Rahab, Jesus, and Paul.  The sacred prostitute, also known as a temple prostitute, was a female or a male who had sex with worshipers of a god or goddess in a temple.  Here is a primer for prostitution in bibilcal times. You can also look at the sacred prostitution in the story of Judah and Tamar.


People did not like the idea of paying for sex before Jesus, the bible or Mr. Pastor. So is this thinking really "biblical", or are they just pandering to the widely-held belief in purity as an excuse to save men from having to pay for sex?


“Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.”  

-JESUS (Mt 21:31)



Sometimes the battle for sexual-idealogy takes moves beyond verbal disagreements into real-world consequences in disturbing ways. Chastening social pressure and punishments from anti-sex crusaders who know your intimate secrets  can use what should be private details to: prevent you from getting hired,  get you fired, remove children from your custody, or deny you housing, impeach sitting US Presidents, and cause you to lose a basketball team franchise. Don't let this happen to you. The battle is real.  This is how I do it.



Understand Your right to privacy

Battling these ideas is easy.  When you see them coming just go in the opposite direction. For one, I do not give people a chance to think about my personal sex life because I do not talk about it openly with people I come face-to-face with, whether in my limited public life, nor with family, or especially not in a church (wow...if I were to go), and not with children.  It's none of their business.  No one can tell by looking at me where I am on a sexual spectrum. I am exercising my right to privacy. Sexuality is best left PRIVATE.


There is a matriarchal society in China called the Mosuo, where when a young girl turns