Avoiding Arrest... while getting satisfied by an escort

Regular people on the street don't want to be exposed to the blight of blatant public prostitution, especially in front of minors. With more providers using the internet and staying indoors prostitution related arrests have declined significantly. This is mostly because people don't care what happens between two consenting adults if it remains indoors. Risk mitigation is absolutely necessary when undertaking an escort adventure. This article will deal mostly with fears of getting arrested for hiring an escort. There are ways to ease that first-meeting fear without having to join review boards, or make crazy requests to providers to help you ease your fear. Why not try a little online researc

Gold-Star🎇PRIVACY STANDARDS: Don't kiss and tell

Gold-Star Privacy Standards is my *DON'T KISS & TELL* policy. I won't ​​tell and neither should you. My services are for ULTRA-PRIVATE gentlemen who are too busy to write reviews on boards like TER. They have a healthy understanding of the real-world and want an experience to match that. First-time INCALL Home-base Visitors should understand the need to keep my home-base private incall space, well... private. Be prepared to meet in a public place near me before moving to my secret spot. Return patrons can enjoy the privilege of coming directly to me after confirming our booking. When I'm touring and staying in hotels my preference is for you to text when about 30 minutes away then call when

FOREPLAY For Better Sex

When the ask is, "How can I be a better lover?" or the same but different ask, "Teach me how to please my partner," then you're ready for an advanced lesson in FOREPLAY. All can benefit sexually, physically, and spiritually from extending foreplay. However, when someone's pleasure turns outward there's a shift, their personal pleasure begins to arise from giving in addition to receiving. When you're honestly invested in this concept then the key you need is revealed to open the door to your next sexual journey. If this is the first blog of mine you're reading understand education and awareness are key for me and not blatant pornographic tales. Apologies for the disclaimer but if you're stil

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