Sexually Transmitted Infections are Not Only for the Promiscuous ("Let's Get Tested")

The number-one fear gripping men thinking of an escort adventure is not cops, it's sexually transmitted infections (STI). Deciding sex is worth some risk doesn't make you stupid, but being unaware of the risks does. Before we go any further, and I completely scare the shit out of you, I want you to accept that LIFE is sexually transmitted. Also, for those who want exta health assurance for an escort adventure I offer a "Let's Get Tested" option which I will talk about later. Clients who have STI conversations with me have been totally clueless about STI's in general. What they don't understand is: you do not have to be promiscuous to get a STI. Hence, most of their fear comes from a lack

GOT MILKING? (aka Prostate Massage)

ORGASMS that come with PROSTATE MILKING are reportedly more intense. Prostate milking, also known as prostate massage, feels great by stimulating the prostate gland via your arse-hole. This activity can be enjoyed by anyone with a prostate (sorry ladies), whether you’re 18 or 85, whether alone or with a partner. Prostate play is a wonderful activity because an erection is not required. If you find maintaining erection to be a problem then milking will help. Additionally, this unique massage can rid build-ups of dead cells to help prevent certain prostate related conditions. The main idea of milking is to drain the prostate gland of residual seminal fluids and return healthy oxygented blood.

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